Public monuments belong to all Americans and are not to be torn down by rampaging mobs and power hungry bureaucrats. Citizens must demand that our elected officials protect our monuments. To that end, American Constitutional Rights Union’s Protect Monuments Project educates and mobilizes citizens and pressures public officials to protect historic monuments and buildings from leftist criminals and vandals who seek to erase our national history.

We also demand that public officials assist in protecting private buildings, monuments and statues. Recently BLM leader Shaun King called for the destruction of churches and depictions of Jesus.

Stand up to those who seek to destroy our treasured symbols.

They’re tearing down statues, desecrating monuments, and purging dissenters. It’s not the behavior of a peaceful political movement; it’s the behavior of totalitarians and tyrants and people that don’t love our country.

Our Monuments Under Attack

Leftist mobs’ continued mindless monument destruction

Theodore Roosevelt was one of our most treasured presidents. Abraham Lincoln fought to free the slaves and was assassinated because of it. Destroying these monuments is not a political statement, it is inexcusable anarchy and violence. Source: Leftist mobs’ continued mindless monument destruction

  • Walter Williams Headshot

Walter Williams: Leftist effort ongoing to revise US history

The destruction of historical monuments has not ceased, nor has ACRU efforts to protect them. In a new syndicated column, ACRU Policy Board Member Walter Williams notes, “a tyrant’s first battlefield is to rewrite history” and shames the left by sarcastically suggesting a “Commission to Eliminate Bad Memories.” Please read this great commentary and visit our Protect Monuments website to join us in saving our national treasures.

  • Lori Roman, President

ACRU’s Roman: Monumental Wounds

My great-great grandfather was a hero of the Civil War--a soldier of the Ohio Cavalry who was wounded and captured. He almost died in the most notorious and horrific Confederate prisoner of war camp. As a child, each Memorial Day, I heard the stories about the War Between the States as my dad put flowers on his great granddad’s grave. The stories were not told with animosity. Just facts. But I developed my own prejudice against Southerners based on those facts.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy discusses proposed Protect America’s Statues Act

ACRU created the Protect Monuments project to ... protect our monuments. And history. And national treasures. We are grateful to Reps. Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan and Sam Graves for spearheading the Congressional effort to do the same. The legislation would block federal funds to local and state officials who stand by and watch violent mobs destroy our monuments.

Heritage’s Kay Coles James: Wild mobs are the opposite of liberty

In this piece by The Heritage Foundation President and champion of liberty Kay James, she notes that violent mobs—permitted to riot by spineless politicians—are not just breaking stuff, they are trying to destroy the very core of our democracy and our freedoms. She pulls no punches in identifying the dangers of “mobocracy” and calls for officials to take action and citizens to step in to make sure they do.

The cost of allowing riots comes home to roost

Many local and state officials ignored rioters and looters who pretended to care about racial injustice while destroying homes, monuments, and businesses. Liberal officials are now discovering the cost of their cowardly failure to enforce rule of law above mindless mob violence and turning to the president they fight at every turn for a bailout. The answer, so far, seems to be “you made your nest; now pay for it.”

  • Lori Roman, President

ACRU’s Roman calls for citizens to join ACRU in protecting monuments

In a podcast interview with The Daily Signal, Lori makes critical points about mob destruction of our national treasures, and calls citizen patriots to action through ACRU’s Protect Monuments project. She makes a unique observation about national and personal forgiveness for history's wrongs. Podcast and transcript available through link.

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Monument Destruction Hotline

If you witness destruction or removal of national, state or local monuments, please let us know. The ACRU is ready to help protect the history and national memory of all Americans.

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