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ACRU takes action to protect our nation’s history and monuments

Naples, FL—The American Constitutional Rights Union today launched an initiative to demand that our political leaders pledge to protect our historical monuments from vandals and criminals. These public monuments belong to all Americans and are not to be torn down by rampaging mobs and power-hungry bureaucrats.

The American Constitutional Rights Union’s Protect Monuments Project ( seeks to educate and mobilize citizens to pressure public officials to protect the historic monuments and buildings that belong to all Americans. Leftist anarchists must not be allowed to use violence in their attempt to erase our national history.

It is the duty of public officials to protect private buildings, monuments and statues. Recently BLM leader Shaun King called for the destruction of churches and depictions of Jesus. The result is that the statues of revered Catholic Saints have been torn down and defaced. Statues of President Ulysses S. Grant have been destroyed. The City of Columbus, OH, removed their statue of Christopher Columbus to prevent it from harm.

“The American Constitutional Rights Union will work to protect our American history from ‘cancel culture’ activists, just as we fight every day to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans. We will not sit idly while domestic terrorists, anarchists and thugs criminally destroy monuments and private property. We will call out any public official who allows lawlessness and destruction,” said Amb. J. Kenneth Blackwell (ACRU Action Board of Directors)

“On this Fourth of July weekend, we should be celebrating our freedom and honoring America’s pursuit of liberty and equality for all. It is completely unacceptable to allow violent mobs to tear down our history and heritage,” said Lori Roman, ACRU President.

The American Constitutional Rights Union, is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy organization dedicated to defending the constitutionally-protected civil rights of all Americans.